Our Services

LTL | Less Than Truckload

Duckering’s Transport takes pride in it’s less than truckload service and has sought to create a niche for itself within the Alberta LTL market. Next day LTL service to over 400 locations within the province means that Duckering's Transport is in a strong position to meet partner's LTL needs. Let us know if you would like a quote!


TL | Truckload

In addition to less than truckload service, Duckering's Transport offers truckload service to all destinations within the province of Alberta. Running both less than truckload as well as truckload freight means that partners can utilize Duckering's Transport for a wide variety of transportation needs.  We would love to hear from you if you need a full load rate!

DS | Deck Service

Dedicated Deck Service allows Duckering’s Transport to meet yet another aspect of its partner’s needs. As a dedicated service, you can be sure your freight will be delivered quickly and efficiently. Duckering's Transport's goal in having a dedicated service is that cross docking is minimized and freight is handled as little as possible. Please feel free to contact our rates department for a quote.