Hassle Free Claim Guarantee

At Duckering’s Transport we are proud to be able to boast the lowest claim ratio in the industry. Long recognized for our commitment to premium service, our claims are the lowest when calculated by claim cost to revenue or by claim count to shipment count. We continue to benchmark ourselves to find innovative solutions that will improve our performance.

In addition, we believe how you are treated in the unfortunate event of a freight claim demonstrates how much we value you. It is with this mind that we have established the industry leading Hassle Free Claim Guarantee which is our commitment to ensuring any claim you may have will be dealt with promptly – no hassles – GUARANTEED!

The Duckering’s Transport Hassle Free Claim Guarantee is our promise to you that if you receive a shipment, and mark it as damaged at the time of delivery, we will issue you a check within 30 days or we pay you $250! No loopholes, no list of exceptions, just a straight up pledge backed by our industry leading record on low claims and high claim accountability.



30 DAY GUARANTEE – The start date will be the date that we receive your claim and is not tied to the date of the shipment.

PURPOSE: Our standard is to ensure that once we receive a claim, our customers can get back to business knowing that we will take care of them. However, we still do need some time for our internal processing and quality controls.

CHECK WILL BE ISSUED WITHIN 30 DAYS – Once we have received a claim, we expect it to be resolved quickly so that our customers can get on with their business.

PURPOSE: Because of potential mail delays we cannot guarantee when you will receive your check. Our commitment is to have the check issued within 30 days. You may make arrangements to pick the check up, or have it delivered with your next shipment if that is more convenient.

PROOF OF DELIVERY MARKED DAMAGED – The Receiver must note that there was damage at the time of delivery, and our driver must have acknowledged the damage.

PURPOSE: While we may still honor a claim that was not marked as damaged at the time of delivery, we may need more than 30 days to complete a full investigation and determine liability. Our Claims Department is still asked to attempt to resolve these claims with the 30 day standard.

SIGNED CLEAR ON SHIPPING BILL OF LADING – If a shipment is signed as damaged goods at the time we picked it up, we will not pay any claim amount as the damage happened prior to us handling the shipments.

PURPOSE: Recognize it is not uncommon for people to purchase damaged goods at a discount and ship with us, we cannot pay for the damage on those goods.

$2/lb LIMITED LIABILITY – In accordance with the Bill of Lading Regulations, claim payments will be limited to $2/lb, unless there is a Declared Value indicated on the Bill of Lading.

PURPOSE: Designed to protect carriers from shouldering the entire liability of shipping high value goods, shippers are responsible for indicating a Declared Value for all high value shipments.

$250 GUARANTEE PAYMENT – If we fail to pay your claim within 30 days, as outlined, we will pay you $250 – REGARDLESS OF LIABILITY

PURPOSE: We have the lowest claims in the industry, if we deliver a shipment to you that is damaged, the last thing you want is a run around. If you get a run around, you deserve to be compensated.